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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Finnish Open 2019 Preview

This years Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Finnish Open will be a blast! There will be competitors all around the world. ADCC finalists and Mundial(BJJ World Champinchip) silver medalist and much more! It will be full house so get your ticket now Suomen Brasilialaisen Jujutusun liiton sivuilta.

Men Brown/Black Belts

Men Brown/Black Belts on sarja, missä ottelevat ylimmän vyöarvon omaavat ottelijat.

Men Brown/Black Belts -70 kg

Tough “small” mans division. My favorite to win this division is Erno Elgland (ADCC Finalist) who has legendary coaching reputation all over the world. But very strong and young Tuomas Kokkonen will give heck of the match if these guys meet.

Yuriy Vinogradov, Fight Fabrika
Severi Nenonen, Barreto Jiu-Jitsu Lahti
Tuomas Heiskari, Loop Jiu-Jitsu
Espen Søvik, BJJ Globetrotters
Tuomas Kokkonen, GB Gym
Marko Oikarainen, MMA Rovaniemi
Kim Lipsanen, Gracie Barra Kouvola
James Keay, Checkmat Prana JJ
Ville Isokoski, Lahden Gentai
Huseyn Abaszada, Frontline Academy
Erno Elgland, Jyväskylän Fight Club

Men Brown/Black Belts -76.9kg 

This division looks like Riku Hapulahti‘s show. But to take the belt it needs solid work in every match. Rumors are telling that Mikko Gunnar has been training a lot Greco Roman wrestling and we are going to see some bad ass take downs!

Tommi Heikkinen, Oulun Kamppailuklubi
Aleksandr Lukovkin, Strela Team
Emad Omran, Checkmat Prana JJ
Mikko Gunnar, BJJ Kouvola
Aleksandr Keinänen, Orion’s Belt
Tero Ahola, Helsingin Itsepuolustuskoulu
Riku Hapulahti, Lahden Genta

Men Brown/Black Belts -82,3 kg

This years toughest division! You do not want to miss this. World Championships silver medalist Tommy lilleskog Langaker challenges Finland’s ranking one Jaakko Vilander. If this will be the final do not blink because both of the artists are looking for to get to their own strong positions from the beginning and it may make just that small difference that you need to get tickets to the Los Angeles.

Max Lindblad has been an growing star but now the challenge to go to the end looks very tough. And it is same thing for Tommy and Jaakko, it is sure that all competitors at this division are eager to challenge these guys!

Max Lindblad, Checkmat Prana JJ
Jaakko Vilander, Hilti Raasepori
Mathias Fernandes Ribeiro, Mathias Ribeiro Team
Kalle Laukkanen, Barreto Helsinki
Ilari Matinolli, Oulun Kamppailuklubi
Toni Toivanen, Heracles
Jarmo Petäjäjärvi, Oulun Kamppailuklubi
Kristjan Mäe, GB Gym
Vitalii Sergeev, Strela Team
Markku Mutanen, Barreto Helsinki
Ville Niskanen, Kuopion Gladiator Factory
Tommy lilleskog Langaker, Kimura europe

Men Brown/Black Belts -88,3 kg

Interesting division again. I would bet on Cemîl Karahan  and Martin Aedma. Aedma is so experienced fighter so we are not going to see Cemîl`s loop choke at the finals. But I could bet on that that some one will sleep at the previous rounds.

Martin Aedma will win this division by advantage.

Cemîl Karahan, Checkmat Prana JJ
Santeri Soranta, GB Gym
Tommi Karihtala, Finnfighters Gym
Tony Bäckman, Hangon Hyrskyt
Hannu Soveri, Polar Jiu Jitsu Team
Riku Leinonen, BJJ Vaasa
Olli Varje, Polar Jiu Jitsu Team
Alexander Baffoun, Art of Roll
Martin Aedma, Function X Jiu Jitsu

Men Brown/Black Belts -94,3 kg

The best news was Jesse Vuorio`s come back to the mats after knee problems!

Abdulbari Guseynov was monster at the NoGi Finnish open 2018 so he will have favorites pressure`s at this time. Jesse Vuorio`s competition condition is an big question so Aleksi Ruuskanen will be toughest challenger for Abdulbari.

My personal favorite is Frank Burczynski. At the age 53 he will give great challenge for any competitor and just imagine how good fit he is at the regular life. There you kids have an role model!

Simon Immerstrand, Checkmat Prana JJ
Ville Saari, Barreto Jiu-Jitsu Lahti
Frank Burczynski, Hilti BJJ Berlin
Aleksi Ruuskanen, MMA Vantaa
Abdulbari Guseynov, Strela Team
Jesse Vuorio, GB Gym
Mikko Mutanen, Helsingin Itsepuolustuskoulu

Men Brown/Black Belts +94,3 kg

Big boys division! Last time Mikko Veijonen submitted Henri Lindroos at the BJJ National championships final. I think that this time Henri is more concentrated and will go to the finals with Bruno Matias. Bruno is very strong fighter but I think that at this match start of the match is very important!

Otto Kumpulainen, Sisu Gym
Janne Toivanen, Sisu Gym
Pekka Hakamäki, Loop Jiu-Jitsu
Mikko Veijonen, Barreto Jiu-Jitsu Lahti
Bruno Matias, Let’s Roll ( Cantagalo International )
Alari Arola, GB Gym
Henri Lindroos, Helsingin Ju-jutsuklubi

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